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Pizza Parlor | Colorado Springs, CO | Leon Gessi Pizza | 719-635-1542

Perfecting pizza to impress your palate

Food is first when it comes to Leon Gessi Pizza - having spent years perfecting new york style pizza in order to make your experience more extraordinary.

Experience the difference a dedicated team of restaurant professionals makes when you stop by our pizzeria. Leon Gessi Pizza's success is hinged on its rich history. Read how Leon Gessi Pizza arose to give you reliably fresh and fantastic food below.

A history of high-quality food...

The first Leon Gessi's was opened in 1974 by George Valdez. The inspiration for the namesake of his pizzeria came from a French writer who wrote poems about pizza. The pizzeria he opened in 1978 at Union and Palmer Park still remains operating after 30 years. This location is conveniently located two miles north of the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Baseball, soccer, basketball, hockey, football, golf, and track teams alike all enjoy using Leon Gessi's as a great place to meet and socialize. Romantically enough, Leon Gessi's New York Pizza has also been known to be the site for a few marriage proposals. And let's not forget Hall of Fame pitcher, Goose Gossage, has also stopped by for his "fix" of New York pizza.

The cornerstone of the Leon Gessi business philosophy is to bring to the restaurant business a well-designed operation, providing excellent food, clean surroundings, and a family environment at reasonable prices for people on the go. When Leon Gessi puts its name on something it signifies to the customers and the employees that they are going to experience the very best our restaurant has to offer, every time.

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